No Better Tradition

By Jamie • Uncategorized • 7 Mar 2012

Some weeknights there is nothing better than having some friends over and creating a delicious meal. Putting forth every bit of creativity we have, not knowing which direction we’re heading…but somehow ending up with a flavorful, filling, farm fresh meal is always a good time.

I went to Ranch 99 the other day, this HUGE Asian supermarket. It seriously blew. my. mind. I cannot stop talking about it, really. It was HUGE! So many Asian ingredients, and the place was packed! Nothing written in English! Oh. My. God. Ranch 99, you’ve got to go (next time you’re in San Diego).

Anyway… yeah, I bought some authentic Asian ingredients, one of which was fish sauce. I have been reading so much about this stuff, especially on Jenna’s blog. I guess it’s that secret ingredient that really makes Asian dishes taste authentic. It kinda scared me, especially when I smelled it, but, we experimented. And, well, everything I read was true. It made everything we made taste sooooooooooo good! It was almost like eating Thai takeout! (almost, I am not claiming expert status or anything.) But, it was good. Everyone licked the pans clean good. To me, that means success.

And spring rolls? How I’ve missed you! I will most definitely be teaching these at my next [flour children] cooking class! Yes! And dipping sauces, cannot talk enough about the important of these! We made a creamy sesame soy and a spicy vinegar garlic gingery one. So, so good.

I feel so lucky to have friends that can come together so often to share good meals. If you don’t sit down to casual meals with your friends and family often, I highly suggest starting it up. No better tradition that I can think of!

And to that, I say, Cheers!

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