By Jamie • Uncategorized • 18 Jun 2012

It’s Monday morning and I sit at one of my favorite cafes, getting some work done, eating oatmeal and drinking green tea.

Yes, green tea. Which brings me to my first experiment. I am doing this thing through the month of June and that thing is not drinking coffee. Yeah, it’s been rough. Not going to lie. At first it was the headaches then it was the cravings and now it’s just me missing holding and smelling good, hot, black coffee in a mug between my hands. Mmm. I don’t intend to stop drinking coffee, but, I like to do experiments on myself. On my body. On my mind. To isolate factors, such as lack of coffee, to see how I feel. If differently at all. Truth be told, I don’t feel different. I’m about 2/3 done. I guess not being dependent on a stimulant first thing in the morning counts for something. ( I don’t drink green tea daily). But, I do plan on going back to coffee July 1. No ifs ands or buts.

Another experiment? Have you heard of the “no poo” movement? As in “no shampoo”? Yeah, a bunch of my friends have been trying this for the last couple of months. Using baking soda mixed with water instead of shampoo. And much less often. And when necessary, apple cider vinegar mixed with water serves as an excellent conditioner, to make your hair all silky. May sound strange, but, I can attest to it. It works. Regular shampoo dries our hair out and in turn, after a day of not using it, our scalps overcompensate by becoming greasy. So, as a part of a vicious cycle, we shampoo the next day, and every day. It’s expensive, and we are actually putting chemicals into our hair/scalps/bodies. So, when you switch to the no poo-ing, you end up not only saving money, but it also feels so much more natural and healthy all around. I may not notice a difference from the no coffee, but no poo? I am in love and have no intentions of going back!

And while we’re on this all natural subject, lemon juice vs. deodorant? It works, too.

Cooking for me is always an experiment. I rarely, and I mean rarely make the same thing twice. At least not exactly the same. Cooking is 99% of the time just me browsing my pantry and fridge and pulling things out to create. Half the time I start cooking and I don’t even know what I’m making ’til half way through the cooking. It’s more fun this way. Cooking is an art, after all. A painter wouldn’t create the same piece twice.

So that’s how this meal came about. I spied a bunch of peppers in the fridge and began roasting in a cast iron skillet at 400 degrees. In coconut oil with salt and pepper.

When the peppers cook down they take on a sweetness and depth of flavor that you can’t find in raw peppers. So good.Meanwhile I sautéed onion, carrot, and celery. Also in coconut oil. When the peppers were done, I mixed them together and added a can of tomato sauce, a can of coconut milk, some curry powder, cumin, some chili powder, and more salt and pepper to taste.Blended it all together…A thick and creamy soup, topped with basil. Coconut and roasted peppers wouldn’t have been my first choice of flavor combinations, but it worked wonderfully!And as a side? A kale salad, naturally. No experimentation here, this is a go-to, in some form…Tossed in a ginger tahini dressing. I will have to post a recipe for this soon, because it is the best dressing ever.And some raw corn. And avocado. Next to buttered bread.Perfect as a lighter dinner or a lunch. Some experiments fail, some open you up to new things entirely. Coffee? Eh. No poo? Yes. Roasted red pepper coconut soup? YES!

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