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By Jamie • Uncategorized • 21 Sep 2015

I was thinking a lot about how each of us expresses ourselves. Specifically, I was thinking- what do I do to express myself, besides directly speaking, to show and tell others how I am feeling? I journal a lot- but that’s more of a tool for myself, and a very important tool at that. Besides journaling, the only thing I could come up with was that I cook.

When I cook it’s clear my emotions of the moment show through in my food. If I’m in a rush, the vegetables aren’t completely cooked or broken down. If I’m nervous, I might lack creativity and forget an ingredient that I so wished I added later on. If I’m frustrated or upset, I might not be completely focused and I may over or under salt. If I’m sad I might cook with a little more butter, adding some comfort and decadence. If I’m happy and feeling great, I will go above and beyond, make tons of sauces and dressings, marinate things ahead of time, wait for the oven to preheat… all those small details that make a big difference. I cook with so much love when I know I will be serving others. Because it makes me so happy to share meals.

I remember one time I was working for a woman with whom I just was so frustrated. I was made to feel I could never do anything right and I was feeling completely lost when it came to cooking. I was told to cook a simple wilted spinach dish one time and I remember just how terrible it was. It wasn’t rinsed properly and there was grit in my forkful. Plus it was so over salted. She got upset. I was upset. It was terrible. The food was completely void of love and that’s when I knew it was over between her and I. It’s one thing to not like a job, it’s another to feel a job is separating you from a favorite, essential part of your being. I will never allow a job to do that to me.

The other night Christina (roommate) and I had plans to go to sushi. But after a long day we put on food network and got too lazy to go out. They were making cake, so then all we wanted was cake. So Christina made this amazing Lemon Coconut Chiffon cake while I made us a dinner. I threw dinner together with what we had- tofu, squash, brown rice. It was simple, but I guess because of the mood of the day/night, everything turned out so special.

It’s undoubtably true that the expression of Love is a most important ingredient, in anything we do.

How do you express yourself?

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