Fall Harvest Bowl

By Jamie • Uncategorized • 21 Sep 2015

In honor of the change of season, I made this delicious dinner bowl, of which the leftovers became the following day’s lunch. Wow. I am in love with these flavors. They remind me of the start of my favorite Fall season!

I think rosemary is key here. Don’t skip this. I go to the corner of Date and 28th here in my neighborhood to harvest my rosemary because it’s just the best there- obviously you can buy it in stores. But if you live in a place like San Diego or anywhere with this mediterranean climate, I recommend urban foraging. It’s more fun!

Here are the components:

Mushrooms and Onions: Sautéed and caramelized with fresh rosemary, salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic powder.

Sweet Potato: Diced small then sautéed until soft and lightly caramelized in just coconut oil and a little salt, in a cast iron skillet.

Walnuts: Tossed with the sweet potatoes when almost done to toast them lightly.

Arugula: Simple, just a handful at the bottom of the bowl.

Egg: Fried in cast iron skillet, after sweet potatoes are removed. Poke the yolk and cover the pan so it cooks until it’s just a little runny. Or, however you like it. Place it over the top of your vegetables.

…I think quinoa or brown rice would be a good addition, if you’d like. But these flavors… I’m telling you. You have to try.

Happy fall!

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