Organizational Buckets

By Jamie • Uncategorized • 23 Sep 2015

Sometimes my mind races. You know how it is- things enter my brain at random- ideas, a  song I want to hear, things I want to cook, restaurants I’m recommended, things I need to buy, theories about life- and I really want to hold onto these thoughts. I don’t want to lose them.  Same thing goes when I’m browsing the internet and I read an article I like. Or a friend recommends a movie to me or a new artist to download. What do I do with all of this information? I sometimes want to save it, but it’s daunting to think about where to save it or the time it would take to organize it at that moment.

What I have been realizing is that it’s good to have a “bucket” into which I can dump thoughts, songs, etc. Have a bucket associated with each of your media sources (internet, Spotify, to-do list, etc.) Just put your thoughts into the bucket then organize it later. So in your bookmarks folder on your internet browser, for instance, have a folder called “general”, or something. When you read an article, put it there. Later on, go back and “file” it into the actual bookmark folder to which it belongs. Same goes for Spotify. When you like a song, just + it, or put it into a “general” playlist. Then later, when you have time, “file” it into the playlist where it makes most sense.

I use this system in my “reminders” in my phone for grocery lists, things I want (a “wish list”), things I need…

This has come in most handy when I think about random things- theories I have or philosophies I develop walking through my day or just using my computer. These, if nothing else, are fun to look back at later, to either ponder further or, more likely, to laugh at lightly. What was I even thinking? I made a word document on my computer called “Log”. When I’m just spending time on my computer and something crazy (yet intriguing) enters my mind, I open the file and type something briefly, then go back to work. This may serve as a journal topic later on, or nothing at all. But at least I won’t forget about it.

Forgetting about things can stress me out. Ideas are precious and fleeting. I hope this organizational system can work for you as it does for me- to help us get more done, figure out what our goals are, what makes us happy, what excites us, what confuses us, etc.

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