Put an Egg on it

By Jamie • Uncategorized • 17 Sep 2015

As someone who doesn’t eat meat so often, I find myself adding an egg to many dishes for that protein boost (also, it tastes great of course.) For this lunch I roasted green beans in a 400 oven for 35 minutes with just olive oil, salt, and pepper, tossing with tongs a couple times through the cooking. What was left was really crunchy, crispy, french fry-like green beans. I placed a poached egg over the top and also a dollop of labneh with some fresh dill. Between the yogurt and the yolk, the green beans had a nice sauce and all around this meal was so satisfying. Just goes to show how simple it can be, and should be.

The farmers market provides such inspiration to me. I love choosing just a couple gems each week to take home and highlight in special meals. Last week I chose green beans (and purple beans, I guess) and delicata squash. These vegetables are not just most flavorful because they’re in season, but they are often inexpensive for the same reason. As long as I have a carton of eggs, some dry/bulk grains and beans, and vegetables that keep like onions and garlic, I am pretty much ready to make a quick, inexpensive, healthy, delicious meal anytime. And even better, keeping it simple allows me to truly taste the produce of season, whatever it may be.

2 things I learned while making this dish:

1. Purple “green” beans turn green when roasting! I was expecting to roast my green and purple beans and end up with the same multicolor beans. But no. I googled it- here’s what I found:

When it comes to purple beans, however, heat plays a role when you cook them. Boiling, baking or sauteing at high temperatures causes the anthocyanins to deteriorate. The heat breaks down the plant cells, diluting the acidity of the cell sap as the pigments are dispersed in a more neutral solution (water). What’s left behind is green chlorophyll, which was always present in the beans but masked by the plant’s anthocyanins. So, your purple beans end up as green beans.


2. I finally poached an egg. Just 3 minutes in simmering water (with a tiny drop of vinegar) was all it took! It was so easy and so delicious and I will be poaching more eggs in my future.

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