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As part of Shabbat San Diego, which is this coming weekend, I was asked to make Hummus at the Leichtag Ranch this week as a demo. It was so much fun and was extra special since the taste of Hummus was still fresh in my mind from my recent trip to Tel Aviv. I loved teaching how to make this delicious, nutritious meal (yes, it is a MEAL not a dip or a side when eaten in Israel.) I think everyone who came to the class was happy too. I only hope I inspired some to make this and share with those they love :) It is surely one of my favorite meals.

Below are 2 pictures from my most recent Hummus meal on Yehuda Levi street in Tel Aviv. I order my Hummus with tehina and egg.

Hummus comes with side of falafel at this place, and salad and pickles and onion.

Onion slices are actually used in leu of pita for dipping. Maybe it sounds intense or strange to bite into raw onion- but I was very pleasantly surprised. Plus, it makes a Hummus meal not so, so heavy when eaten as a lunch. (A Hummus meal can easily send me into a very blissful food coma.)

Below is my set up for the Hummus demo. They even posted my Hummus photos on the wall for inspiration!

I showed what the chickpeas/garbanzo beans look like at each stage- raw/dry, soaked, and boiled.

The recipe I used from the Jerusalem cookbook has only lemon juice, garlic, tahini, ice water, and salt as ingredients. Simple.

The hummus is served warm because the chickpeas are freshly boiled. It’s processed until very, very smooth. The final hummus is topped with egg, parsley, boiled chickpeas, olive oil, tehina, and paprika. 

Not as good as in Tel Aviv- but, it’ll do :)

Here is a picture of the recipe I used…


So, go for it! Make your friends a hummus meal! Enjoy it :)

Shabbat Shalom!

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