Rachel’s Ginger Beer

By Jamie • Uncategorized • 6 Oct 2015

I ate a lot of great food in Seattle. The salmon jerky was so so good. I spent $30 on it and carried it around in my purse all day while my sister and I explored downtown. It was worth it. I can still taste it now… and need to find a place to get it in San Diego.

But this post is about Rachel’s Ginger Beer. Because this stuff is amazing. And if you know me, you probably know how much I love ginger. Rachel- whoever she may be- is a brave genius to make a shop dedicated to delicious ginger beer. I am pleasantly surprised that such a place exists, and also that it was so crowded! Especially mid day on a Monday!

The menu is so simple. Ginger beer, cocktails, and soft serve. And combinations thereof. We had fun sampling a bunch of the ginger beer flavors. Ultimately we decided on blood orange flavor.

And when we saw there was a “float” option, the decision was easily made. My sister (also named Rachel) and I ordered a blood orange ginger beer, vanilla soft serve float.

How genius. How delicious. It was so dreamy. I hope a place like this opens near me!

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