By Jamie • Uncategorized • 15 Oct 2015

This post is a long time coming. Ever since I tried this Tel Aviv fro-yo restaurant 5+ years ago, I was hooked.  Fill a 10 punch card for a free 11th yogurt in a 10-day Israel trip hooked.

Tamara means date in Hebrew, like the fruit. Tamara is a chain of fruit juice stands in Tel Aviv and 2 yogurt shops. It’s not so unlike ones in America where you fill your cup with fro-yo then as many toppings as you’d like… but this yogurt is just better. Creamier and just the right balance of sweet and tangy. In hot and humid Tel Aviv, this yogurt treat is a perfect afternoon treat or after dinner dessert. I’m not above eating it for breakfast, either. Just saying.

At Tamara, the seasonal fresh fruit toppings are seemingly endless. Mango, pomegranate, dates, figs, melon, citrus, stone fruit… you name it. The Tamara worker carefully places the fruits up the fro-yo swirl. It’s really beautiful.

Followed by choices of chocolate, cookie crumbs, toasted and caramelized nuts, granola, dried fruit… My preference is toasted coconut and candied pecan bits.

Always I finish my Tamara with a milk chocolate sauce and a tahini drizzle.

I just love it.

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