Mexico City

By Jamie • Uncategorized • 12 Sep 2016

Mexico City was not what I expected- it was so much better. I was hoping for great food and visits to a few museums. What we got was three days of strolling through the lush green streets of Condesa and la Roma, meandering in and out of parks right in the center of the city, beautiful architecture, delicious tamarind margaritas, moles, chilequiles, and dulce de leche pastries, and most unexpected of all: rain. It was delightful; the mist taking turns with the sun, peering out from behind a cloudy sky. For me, this beats a sunny vacation day anytime, especially when exploring a new city. Getting lost on the boulevards, making note of the way Mexico City residents adorn their balconies and door steps with flowers and plants and window decals… There’s a sort of romance to it all, and that’s what I felt for Mexico City. I hope to visit often- there are many, many dishes left to eat.

In case you are reading this and are interested in (a more low key trip to) Mexico City, I suggest AirBnB, Uber (so cheap!,) and reading these two blog posts from GOOP and Rick Bayless.┬áLa Condesa and/or la Roma are great areas to stay, and the “heart” of Mexico City is just an Uber ride away. Chapultepec Park is beautiful, we especially enjoyed the Museo Antropologico. Also, keep in mind things (read: restaurants!) close early on Sunday.

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